We’ve had a great week – lots of new experiences for us that translated into some great learning experiences for kids!

Skype O'Connor

  •  The 6th grade social studies teachers capitalized on one of Ms O’Connors contacts and arranged a Skype presentation for two of their combined classes. They had culture questions answered by an 18 year old in Mumbai that had a direct bearing on the topics that had been covered in their classes. Great effort and capitalization on this free, difference making resource. Even though this was a personal connection O’Connor utilized https://education.skype.com is a user friendly resource. If you need help getting started with this to make a difference in your class, ask an instructional coach or admin – we’ll be glad to help make this happen!
  • Ms Jackson’s class took a virtual field trip of the Titanic! To help her student make a connection to some of the music they are going to be playing and the time period, she organized these resources to allow the students to self explore the ship. I sat in on the class as the ‘Ohhs’ and ‘Ahhs’ were starting! After she set it up, she let them explore on their own. Great experience.
  • Thanks to Ms Hurley and the elective team for implementing the Saturday morning breakfast! What a great way to start this non-standard day off! Appreciate the plan, the effort and payoff!

I’ve included the link to one of the videos I shared at last week’s grade level meeting. I framed this with some key questions:

  1. How does your classroom affect the planned learning activities?
  2. Would different resources help you change how you teach?
  3. Is your being the ‘sage on the stageness’ dependent on your class set up?

Continue to give this some thought – follow up with me as we make plans for the upcoming year!


Upcoming Events:

  • Our faculty meeting time tomorrow, Monday 3.3 is dedicated to sharing resources for Bronco Intervention Time
  • Bronco Intervention Time begins the week of 3.10