1. The 6th grade teachers hosted a Fish Fry/Car Wash this week to help raise funds for their upcoming trip! We had fun on this Saturday – lots of energetic 6th graders acting as cheerleaders and car washers [ish]! It was fun and inspiring to see these students following the vision, being led by their teachers! Great work 6th grade!
  2. Shout out to our Girl’s Soccer Team! Soccer CoachesOur first game was a resounding victory 7-0! Way to go to our coaches! One of our soccer players from last year visited the game and was amazed. According to her, we scored more points in this opener than all season! Expectation and coaching! Awesome work
  3. During our recent visit from the CCS Curriculum Team, we saw some great things going on in 6th math classes. We were building roller coasters in our effort to explore rates and ratios. Smiles and constructivism – awesome mix!

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  4. Great work from the 8th grade team with the implementation of their Interdisciplinary Unit on the Hunger Games! Evidence of great talks and collaboration! Keep up the great work


I’ve included two posts this week for the inspiration section.

  • The first comes is entitled Am I an Educational Leader? I’ve had conversations with several staff members about being a leader. I remember when I started teaching and began learning about school culture and heirachy, I had the misconception that the leaders in the school all had titles – assistant principal, department chair, grade level chair, etc. I’m a firm believer that titles don’t make us leaders. I learned a while ago that we lead from where we are. As long as we commit to being positive change agents in our school, having honest, growth building conversations and being supportive influencers and drivers of our school’s mission and vision we take a part in leading and being the change our school needs us to be. “We lead from where we are.”
  • 3 Simple Strategies for More Rigorous Instruction – We’ve been having a lot of conversations in our building recently about rigor. We all have a lot of questions particularly with our new dive into common core. With any adoption or dive into a new curriculum there is always an adjustment to learn and understand what is needed to appropriately teach concepts to learners. Our observations and conversations are based on the best understanding we have on what Common Core is. When I first started my exposure to CCSS, I was a principal in Montgomery County. Most of my exposure trainings were delivered here in CCS at the ERC through our Sandhills region group. One thing we all see is that we have to make a departure from how we have taught over the last years and its a safe bet its different from how we were taught as learners ourselves. This article is a write up on design. Its a good read on what we should be considering as we come up with plans. There’s a starter in this write up about shifting the ownership of learning – that can’t happen if we are the sage on stage. Take a few minutes to read how this person used this approach for this particular video lesson and apply that to your classroom and your lessons. To do our kids right, we have to have this approach EVERYday, with EVERY lesson! As collaborators and planners, we can make this happen.


  • Soccer vs Pine Forest MS @ Home on Monday 3.17
  • Baseball/Softball vs Albritton @ Albritton on Tuesday 3.18
  • Boys Track at Pine Forest High School on Wednesday 3.19
  • Soccer vs Albritton @ Home on Thursday 3.20