• BroncoLineTold does not mean taught! Even though Ms Vaughn has given her class repeated instructions on walking in a BroncoLine, she doesn’t hesitate to give them a Day1 talk about what walking in a good BroncoLine looks like! Good reminder!
  • PenzuMs Rivera schooled me well this week on a new tool she is using in her room to help teach her curriculum! If you get a chance, ask her to tell you about Penzu! Great collaborative tool! She uses for students to demonstrate their literacy skills and assess their understanding
  • The newest Bronco will be here just in time to see the NY Giants have a not so great year! Congrats to Mr McGeehan and his wife!
  • PBIS Model SchoolGreat news! Last week, we were recognized by the state of NC as a Model PBIS school! Let’s thank Ms Morrison and Mr McGeehan and the PBIS team in making this happen for us!


This week, we have two great sources of inspiration!

The first is internal! Ms Mack had a substitute teacher on Friday and I was doing a check on the kids to make sure we were behaving like Broncos should. As I scanned the room, I saw this great message on the board:

Does Your Class Know

When I got back from my conference trip in February, I brought back a powerful message from Baruti Kafele. He presented a powerful message he made sure his learners heard him say regularly – ‘I believe in you.’ This message struck me the same. How many of us at SLMS let our learners know ‘I love you‘, ‘I have your back‘, ‘I believe in you‘. More impportantly, how many of the students would say to themselves, ‘Yeah, I believe you do love me.’

The second was shared by none other than Robin Durrante [Good for NCDPI but we miss you]. She shared this video with me because as she said, ‘its what you are trying to do at SLMS.’

Thanks to Ms Durrante! This IS what we are trying to do at SLMS. When we describe the culture change at our school, we need to make sure we have this image in the forefront. We are building a culture of inclusiveness and achievement in our school that will empower and support all students in being prepared for their future. We are building a school culture of achievement where BroncoPride means students, no matter what their ethnicity or socio-economic status, will thrive and we will be known as a future ready school that showcases higher order thinking and learning and digital readiness. Great example here of what a school serving a high needs population can do if it sets and holds high expectations for everyone and commits to better learning and teaching practices.


  • Girls Soccer at ACMS Monday 4.7QuizBowl invite
  • Baseball/Softball at Home Tueaday 4.8
  • Boys’ Track @ Reid Ross Wednesday 4.9
  • Middle School Transition visit to Manchester ES Friday 4.11
  • CCS Job Fair Saturday 4.12
  • Open invitation – Spanish Quiz Bowl May 17th