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  • [Apologies to Ms Jackson, I couldn’t make her class to get a picture] Her 8th period orchestra group videochatted with Ms Brown [former Bronco at DBMS] and collaborated on a lesson on ‘how to figure out the number of vibrations per second for each of the remaining notes in a one-octave A Major Scale if given the correct number of vibrations per second for the first and last note of the scale.’ – wow! 2 things: 1) We ALL have a Google+ account we can use this for; 2) This is connecting kids to a higher level of understanding. Keep up the great work.
  • Congrats to our Boys Track Team! 2nd Place in our Division! Way to go Coach Fulmore and Coach Butts!
  • Thanks to Ms Holmes, Ms Canteen, and Ms Brown for their support in prepping for the CCS Job Fair! We had a great display and got a lot of looks and positive feedback!!


CriticalThinkingOUR Level of Questioning – Somethings go beyond curriculum whether is NCSCOS or Common Core. We should always plan for engaging our students with a higher of exploration, engagement and ultimately understanding. This mini-pic is a link to the full post on this infographic on critical questions. There is a significant difference in learning outcomes when we plan for higher levels of questions rather than come up with low level questions on the spot like ‘Who’, What’, When’ and ‘How.’ These questions don’t show learning. They regularly engage 1-3 students with a good memory. Memorizing does not equal understanding. Please check out these questions. When we plan for THIS level, we stand a better chance of students being engaged on the level that will help them.

Effective Use of Technology/Groupings – This is partially a follow up thought from my visit to Harris’ room. In his room, half his kids were on Chromebooks while others were doing a separate activity. This is a good example of the power of planning. He planned for half his groups to be engaged on Chromebooks while the other half benefited from his direct monitoring and answering questions about the statistics lesson. Three points from this:

      1. Is you group/grade level effectively using the assigned Chromebook cart assigned to your grade level? We have some groups who don’t consistently use these great resources for impact?
      2. With proper planning, we can ensure that we can have maximum learning without requiring EVERY student to have a device in front of them. Planning ahead is the key!
      3. Is your insistence on whole group instruction holding your students’ learning potential back? Planning ahead gives you time to get to individual students to address the learning gaps in the room. Whole group instruction is needed but if we are spending the majority of our time in whole group we aren’t reaching kids who desperately need us. And keep in mind – the ones who need us the most assuredly don’t speak up in class.


  • Monday 4.14
    • Faculty Meeting @ 3:45
    • Soccer @ Anne Chestnut MS [make up]
  • Tuesday 4.15
    • Rising Bronco Orientation
    • Jazz Band Report to Band Room at 8:45 [check email]
    • Athletic Pictures @ 4:00 pm
  • Wednesday 4.16
    • Awards Ceremony @ 10:00
    • Jazz Band Report to Band Room at 8:45 [check email]
    • Soccer, Strength Game against Unknown
  • Thursday 4.15
    • Rising Bronco Orientation
    • Jazz Band Report to Band Room at 8:45 [check email]
    • Baseball Strength game vs Lewis Chapel MS @ Home
    • Best Practices Collaborative Session [EOG’s] @ Westover MS
    • Spring Coffee House: “Billboard Chart-Toppers by SLMS Chorus @ 8:30 pm
  • Friday 4.16
    • Make Up Instructional Day – 2 hour early release
  • April 21 – 25, SPRING BREAK! [FYI, the school will be closed]
  • Monday April 28 – Correlate Meeting
  • Tuesday April 29 – Grades Due for Progress Reports
  • Wednesday April 30 – Open Mic Night [more details to come]
  • Monday May 5 – SIT Meeting
  • Friday May 2 – Baseball Field Trip 3:30 – 8:00 pm
  • Friday May 9 – Super Fitness Field Day


This is a great infographic. We want make sure the feedback we are giving is having an impact on learning and teaching. These are some considerations we all can take get some insight from.edmodo