• 20140501_13493620140501_113437The smiles on these pictures showcase all the payoff for all the hardwork the 6th grade teachers and students for the past several months! The car washes, sales and reminders to families all went to making the field trip to the Renaissance Festival a reality. I heard from several teachers 20140501_134418and students that everyone had a great experience from the beginning to the end. Way to make a connection to the what we are studying in class!
  • Congrats to Mr Choo! For those who didn’t know, over spring break Mr Choo flew out to Kentucky to embark on the next leg of PhD. As of last week, Mr [soon to be Dr] Choo is All But Dissertation! Way to go sir! Way to represent that BroncoPride!
  • Kudos to you all on getting underway with the EVAAS verifications! I am sharing information with you all, regarding the process but it was good to walk around to all the groups last week and see you all well on the way!. As you all remember, we have to have a day where we can get have a collective get together and make sure our percentages are right. Let’s plan on utilizing Wednesday as our collective meeting day. We will make sure Ms Floyd and Ms Richardson are available to make sure percentages are correct.
  • On the topic of planning, please make sure you all are meeting together and planning well. Our students need us planning to ensure the right things are taught, reinforced and measured.



  • Its about learning, not the grade! Had to share this picture from Friday in Brunner’s room. She was using GradeCam to ‘measure student growth’. Its more accurate to say that she was measuring growth instead of grading a test. For this particular student, after an initial scan that produced less than desirable results she sent the student back to his/her desk and was told to rework and come back. The student did with great success! Think of this message and practice – this is valuing the learning and understanding more than the grade! Our work needs to be about students – not the number!


      • Monday 5.5 – SIT Meeting
      • Tuesday 5.6
        •  Progress Reports go out
        • Project EXCEL
      • Thursday 5.8
        • 7th Grade Field Trip
        • Project EXCEL
      • Friday 5.9 – Super Fitness Field Day
      • Monday 5.12 – Faculty Meeting
      • Tuesday 5.13 – Project EXCEL
      • Thursday 5.15
        • Project EXCEL
        • Spring Band Concert and Awards
      • Week of 5.19-5.23 – Spirit Week
      • Monday 5.26 – Student Holiday
      • Wednesday 5.28-5.30 – EOG Test Period