• GreensboroTrip7th Grade had a great trip to the Greensboro Science Museum Thursday! From the periodic updates I received, it was obvious the planning and set up paid off and resulted in a great learning experience! Way to go!
  • Supervision – We’ve had a couple of incidents involving student misbehavior in the hallway that I have to question the supervision on the teacher’s part. Please make sure that you are not only in the hallway and actively supervising your classroom but that your presence is being felt as well. Your are the best prevention for things happening [or not happening] as they should.
  • Survey – I sent out a link this morning to 6th, 7th, 8th teachers to inquire about their teaching preference for next year. Please take the short survey so we can collect that information and using it in preparation for next year.
  • Reminder – Several people have asked about showing films and movies in class. Remember, we do not show movies or episodes in class. Short clips tied directly to instruction/curriculum are absolutely permitted but there has to be a correlation to curriculum and students should be actively engaged.
  • 20140509_123024 Amazing Teacher Appreciation Week – We can’t thank everyone who had a hand in making this week a great celebration. Thanks to Ms Commodore, Ms Holmes, Mr Brantley, Ms Zadu, Cafeteria staff, Ms Mac – everyone who had a hand in this amazing week! 20140509_123020Shown here, we really appreciate Mr O’Garrah and the city of Spring Lake for showing love to the Bronco Staff.
  • Addressing Student Needs: First, the Coaches are always available – don’t hesitate to contact them for help or just to get another ear to sound off; Second, here are some high impact strategies we can use: QAR, 4 Question Types, LearnZillion, Absolute/General Words, 50/50. Continue to use academic language throughout
  • Please make sure you are checking your EVAAS verifications. We will have a meeting on it Monday afternoon to correct any overages and underreports.


This is an old favorite of mine! It’s two years old but does a great job of showing the significant difference in how we teach and how we need to teach.

There’s a difference between completing a project and Project Based Learning!


  • Monday 5.12 – Faculty Meeting [Testing Training, EVAAS Verifications, Surprises!]
  • Tuesday 5.13 – Project EXCEL
  • Wednesday 5.14 – Final BT Meeting
  • Thursday 5.15
    • Project EXCEL
    • Spring Band Concert and Awards
  • Spirit Week
    • Monday 5.19 Hat Day
    • Tuesday 5.20 Sports Wear
    • Wednesday 5.21 Wear Your Shades
    • Thursday 5.22 Crazy Socks Day
    • Friday 5.23 Pep Rally / 3-on-3 Tourney
  • Monday 5.26 – Student Holiday
  • Wednesday 5.28-5.30 – EOG Test Period