This is the article I alluded to earlier, ‘Don’t Teach Math, Coach It.’ It begins a good conversation about what we should focus on – changing our practices in the classroom to move from simple question and answer to more questions, stepping out of the way and let kids build the answer themselves.

We should embrace students struggling with each to come create the answers and solutions we need them to arrive at. That creation is SO MUCH MORE POWERFUL and LASTING than us standing in front of them asking a question and calling on the one student we know has the answer! Let’s design some good lessons!

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This is a reminder for our PLC Communication Structure at SLMS:

  • Monday – Leadership Morning Meetings; 1st Monday Afternoon-SIT Meeting; 2nd Monday Afternoon-Faculty; 3rd Monday Afternoon-Correlates; 4th Monday Afternoon-Department
  • Tuesday – Grade Level Meeting with Administration. This is your chance to hear from us AND to share your concerns and get questions answered! This is how we make communication a cyclical process at SLMS
  • Wednesday – Collaborative Planning with Instructional Coaches
  • Thursday – Protected Planning
  • Friday [Alternating] – Instructional Support Days

Tuesday 9.2 – PDPs are Due. Please be prepared to discuss with APs