Differentiated Instruction & Adaptive LearningContacting Parents! We’ve just sent home our first progress reports! I was very excited to talk to all the students who ran up to me proud to show off their grades. This is a great time for some students, its validation for a lot of their hard work and effort. But for other students, its a reminder of why they struggle and can be a sense of futility. Please make sure you are communicating with your parents and guardians about our students. We all want kids to be successful – sometimes we know what to do, sometimes we don’t. Sometimes parents know what they need to do and sometimes they are lost as well. But the big part is we talk together to build a plan.

Shout out to 7th Grade for an Awesome Spirit Week!

Kudos to the 7th grade teachers for planning this week! I think it was a great success is rallying the 7th grade teachers and students with a common theme and focus!


Mr Odum is a facepainting maestro!






7th Grade Spirit Week 9.21.14

– Monday, Hat Day
– Tuesday, Twin Day-
– Wednesday, GQ/Diva Day
– Thursday, Blue/Gold Day
– Friday, Wear Orange Day [7th Grade Team Color]


Please remember to make plans for your Vision/Mission projects. The projects this 9 weeks should center around the first part of our mission statement – ‘The purpose of Spring Lake Middle School is to provide a safe, orderly, caring environment that makes high academic achievement the priority’. The major point of  this is to get our kids active in creating/participating in an activity that will show their commitment to our mission. Grade Level Chairs – please be prepared to report your your vision and mission project at grade level meetings on Tuesday.









I got the inspiration for this on a recent bus ride home. While I as giving the bus driver some assistance [for some potential questionable behavior] I noticed one of our 8th graders fully engaged in conversation with one of her friends. At first, I thought this was a phone call but as I peeked over the seat I saw she was engaged in Skype call. I just thought this was cool because she had just seen the friend not 30 minutes ago and ‘just had’ to finish the conversation but to do so, the best way was with a video call, not a phone call.

It brought a couple of things to mind:

  1. Kids enjoy being social! We are just like them, its why we are in a profession that requires us to interact with others. We work with people, not in cubicles. We should be strategically planning for interaction in our lessons that help drive the point for our objectives. We are fooling ourselves if we think our kids are learning everything we are lecturing to them while they are seated. Plan for pairs work – working in pairs is research proven to enhance learning for K-12 students.;
  2. We are teaching students in a digital age. Think about this same experience 10/20/30 years ago – this would look waayy different! 10 years ago most would not have even had a cell phone to call with and going back further, we would have had to gotten home and got permission to make a call. Our students are different – they are born in a world where they have instant, unfettered access. They are accustomed to getting information from different sources. Are we capitalizing on that? We should absolutely be utilizing some of these resources to maximize learning experiences. Dedicate part of your planning time to collaborate on how to incorporate some of these tools that will help with reaching more kids and with improving engagement.
  3. How different would learning be if we were to plan for these experiences? What would a bus ride home be like if we had wireless on the bus?

Upcoming Events:

  • Monday 9.28
  • Tuesday 9.30
    • Grade Level Meetings
    • Girls Track at New Century
  • Wednesday 9.17
    • Collaborative Planning – Please make sure you are on time
    • Volleyball/Soccer against Albritton at Home
  • Thursday 9.18
    • Protected Planning
    • Detention
    • Football Game against Albritton at Home
  • Wednesday 10.8 – Curriculum Night
  • Reading Rocks is Saturday 10.18

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