Saturday School! After some great planning and coordination, we are ready to have our first Saturday School this Saturday. We are excited about what what we have prepared. I’ve spoken to teachers and admin involved and there are some great activities planned. This is about impact – we need students there to help everyone grow and achieve. If you haven’t done so, please encourage your classes to get their materials turned in. There will be something planned for everyone, not just remedial efforts – E.O.G. EveryOne Grows!! We are providing transportation and a light lunch, please help us get our students out!

Great Instructional Activities!

I couldn’t get all the activities I’ve seen on photo [apologize for that] that this has been a great week of strategies and activities. We’ve had a couple of visitors in school buildings who were very impressed with what we have planned and executed! Please keep up the good work! Your hard work and planning are what make a difference to student learning and achievement! #BroncoPride

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#BroncoPride – High Expectations

Data Boards!

Want to highlight these data boards I saw on C hall! These show a clear focus of what our goals are! It give the teachers and students a clear picture of why we have to work! I want us to make sure we have a consistent, clear understanding of what our data is for. We don’t assess like we do to take grades – we assess to know what we need to reteach or where we can accelerate. Assessments are for planning purposes. While it does make sense to assign a grade to it [we spend time giving it and grading it] these grades should not make or break it for students – they are for planning benefits. I’ve had talks to teachers who assign them participation or class work grades. Again, this data is for us.


This week, the Individual Teacher Data, the information tied to Standard 6, came out on EVAAS. We have shown you the school data and how the school and grade levels/subjects have performed. This data is individual teacher data – it shows individual teacher performance and impact. I will be coming by and having individual conversations with teachers this to discuss this data. Of course, this will be for teachers who were here last year.

For everyone, please make sure you have your EVAAS login. At our October faculty meeting, Ron Phipps will be joining us to discuss EVAAS and have a great conversation/discussion about what growth really is and what we have to be paying attention to. If you need me to reset your password, please email me Monday or Tuesday of this week.


20141003_112604When you see our PTO officers – please give them a high five, hug or a great big thanks! This year we are blessed to have some great people driving forward some great activities and plans to help support our teachers and students. I spent some time with them on Friday and heard some of their great plans! We are looking forward to a tremendous year with them. They are all about that #BroncoPride!


Please remember to make plans for your Vision/Mission projects. The projects this 9 weeks should center around the first part of our mission statement – ‘The purpose of Spring Lake Middle School is to provide a safe, orderly, caring environment that makes high academic achievement the priority’. The major point of  this is to get our kids active in creating/participating in an activity that will show their commitment to our mission. Grade Level Chairs – I forgot to ask for the projects at the last grade level meetings – please email me your projects Monday, including when you think you or your groups will be implementing the plans. Thanks


This thought came up when I spoke to a teacher this week and he was expressing some frustration about not being able to check out a laptop cart. I understand that is frustrating when things may not play out how we envision. We need to keep in mind that there is plenty instructional design and leeway we can take to keep learning moving forward. Some learning requires every student having a computer or device but there are more appropriate times when its best that 2-4 students share a computer or device or when one computer in the room can serve 1 student or small group appropriately. The video above gives some good insight on design and considerations for when you can plan to have one computer. The most important thing is determining what learning needs to take place. After that, we can take care of the rest with resources and design.

Also, plan ahead carefully. Ms Crumpler is committed to making sure that we have resources we need.

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Upcoming Events:

  • Monday 10.6 – Volleyball and Soccer at New Century
  • Tuesday 10.7
    • Grade Level Meetings
    • Girls Track at Pine Forest HS
  • Wednesday 9.17
    • Collaborative Planning – Please make sure you are on time
    • Curriculum Night, 5:00 – 7:00 pm. Let’s make sure our rooms and activities are ready to go! This is our parents first impression.
    • Thursday 9.18
    • Protected Planning
    • Detention
    • Football Game against New Century at Home
  • Friday – Inspiration Experience 10:00 – 11:00, Select Chorus and Band students
  • Saturday 10.11 – Saturday School
  • Reading Rocks is Saturday 10.18

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