If you weren’t there on Saturday – YOU MISSED A TREAT! Spring Lake Middle Broncos showed up and represented the Blue and Gold!


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I want to thank all the parents, students and staff who showed up on a beautiful day to show the love and support we have for that #BroncoPride!!

Our ISD Make Us Better!

I need to give a great shout out to Ms Sams and Ms Walker for their phenomenal ISD presentations on Friday! I was able to sit in on both and heard some great difference making strategies and sharing of digital tools that can benefit us greatly in class. Ms Sams shared on digital exit tickets [great creative spin on the norm] and how she incorporates ClassDojo! We have several teachers who use ClassDojo [Gorman, Willingham, Brunner] and I asked her to share some of her techniques. ClassDojo helps with class management, positive reinforcement and communication.

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Ms Walker showcased a couple of tools in her ISD. Barefoot Atlas, Instacollage, Solar System in 3D and Squeak My Voice.

ISD are a GREAT way to share what is working in your classroom, help the school out by sharing your success and demonstrate some teacher leadership. We want to to keep these optional. I really like what I saw Friday – there were different teachers in different groups and this was entirely your choice. While these are voluntary, if there is a need in your classroom, you should make time to attend to help with student learning and achievement. If you are interested in sharing, please see an instructional coach and they will help coordinate.


For this week’s inspiration, I am drawing on some great things I’ve seen in house.

First, I want to spiral back to a topic that I mentioned the last couple of weeks and that’s anchor charts. Thanks to the Instructional Coaches, we have supplies in A-1 to create anchors on demand as we need. During our Wednesday conversations, you all should make mention of what is being taught the next week. During this planning, take some time to sketch out or just downright make some anchor charts for what you will be teaching! These charts should be great references for students as they complete the work in your class. Let’s dive deep in this difference making tool.

Second is from a visit last week in Ms Rivera’s class. Visiting her room, I saw kids working in groups with iPads. Now when it all boils down, this is just kids translating simple sentences from previous instruction. What I need to convey to you is the level of increased engagement in this room. By taking time to incorporate QR codes and putting these devices in kids hands engagement and learning were taken to another level.

Don’t take learning opportunities for granted! Stay in conversations and keep looking for ways to maximize engagement! The more we get kids engaged on lessons, we will see more learning and achievement.

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Monday 10.20

Tuesday 10.21

  • Grade Level Meetings – Planning Periods
  • Girl’s Divisional Track Meet

Wednesday 10.22

  • Collaborative Planning
  • Volleyball/Soccer @ Anne Chestnut MS

Thursday 10.23

  • Protected Planning
  • Football @ Nick Jeralds MS
  • CCS Board Candidate Forum @ E.E. Smith [not mandatory]

Saturday 10.25

  • Saturday Academy

Monday 10.27 – Friday 10.31 – Spirit Week

Tuesday 10.28 – School Pictures