Kudos to 7th Grade Team

Ms Hayden and the 7th grade team put together a ‘Superbowl’ Themed 9 Weeks celebration for their students! This was a great inclusive event! Instead of just one criteria, they celebrated students who achieved on their benchmarks, participated in the debates and A & B Honor Roll! Great way to show some love to students!

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[On a personal note, I had a great plate of wings and pinwheels!]


What Does an Engaged Student Look Like?

be8e9f8312193f96f0c0d5df6a06ba30How am I ensuring students are engaged in my classroom?

Am I expecting students to be engaged because I say so?

How am I helping students who are not fully engaged develop skills/attitude to be able to engage in work tasks in the future?

Does my classroom inspire engagement?

How can our school further inspire engagement?







Found this great video on 21st century education. Its a needed share.

We need to keep in mind that with our instructional planning we have responsibilities to teach our needed objectives but also prepare students for their future. Are we doing all we can, what we can, to prepare students for a work future? Are we helping them be competitive in a global market? Our students will be going up against student who have never visited the US who can speak English very well, think creatively and accept and overcome challenges they have not seen before.

Are we helping create students who will be ready for their future



Week of January 31st

  • Bronco PRIDE Week

Monday Feb 2

  • Pride Week – Jersey Day
  • SIT Meeting

Tuesday Feb 3

  • Pride Week – Blue and Gold Day
  • Bronco Basketball against LNJMS at Home
  • Bronco Wrestling at LNJMS

Wednesday Feb 4

  • Pride Week – Tie/Bow Tie Day

Thursday Feb 5

  • Pride Week – Twin Day
  • Detention Duty – Ms Abraham
  • Bronco Wrestling at Home Anne Chestnutt MS
  • Bronco Basketball at Anne Chestnutt MS

Friday Feb 6

  • Pride Week – Pride T-Shirt Day
  • Pest Control – Entire building at 4:00
  • Happy birthday Ms Hall