Kudos to Ms Sam’s

IMG_2558Thanks to Ms Sam’s for organizing and driving our Pride Week! These events are the lasting memories that students and teachers form when they look back on with fond reflection. The good friendly competition among the grade levels really permeated the school and we could see it in all the . The teachers on the different grade levels got very into the competitions! It spurred the students to really get involved!

Way to show that #BroncoPride!


Congrats to our Winter Sports Teams

Because of their great seasons, our Winter Sports teams are all in contention for either first or second place in our divisions. Our teams and coaches have worked very hard this year and that hard work is evidenced in their places this year. When you see a coach or a wrestler or basketball player, take the time to congratulate them for fantastic season and thank them for representing SLMS this year.


  • Please make sure are calling in absences in due time. When teachers call in late we have to draw on other personnel to help fill in. While this is not a problem with most of the teachers it does only take one or two a day for this to become burdened work for the remainder of the staff.
  • Please check the school calendar for upcoming events. As we are becoming more efficient in our practice, relying on the school calendar should be integrated into your practice. Please keep in mind, it is a work in progress and we do our best to update it with accurate information. But if there is something left of or miscommunicated, you should make sure that you contact the person in charge to clear up any discrepancy.
  • During our Collaborative Planning we should be making sure that we are planning with our Next Steps documents. These have been strategically designed to make sure we are planning with the best information the right way. If you need help with them, please see an instructional coach.
  • Please make sure you are completing your lesson plans in a time manner. When we are visiting classrooms, we often look at them to see the full direction of the classroom. They help answer questions we may have and are unable to ask you at the time of the visit.


Value of Classroom Visits

I was having a conversation with a teacher last week about how things were going in her class and the adjustments she was making. I was very glad and proud to hear about how things are progressing. As we talked about growing her skills, our conversation moved towards seeing good and great practices in other classrooms here at SLMS. It impressed me that she has independently been reaching out to teachers already and has been making visits.

Visiting classrooms is a very impactful practice. This is a great way to get questions answered and see either how some things can be improved or gather some new ideas.

I found this article from a school district entitled Bridges to Success Teacher to Teacher Classroom Visit. It outlines some great points on what we should consider before and after a best practice visit to a classroom. Some of the major points include:

Objectives of the observation:

  • Observe how children are learning in this classroom
  • Observe what children are learning in this classroom
  • Observe how the classroom environment supports children’s learning
  • Observe differences and similarities between this classroom and mine
  • Reflect how my classroom activities/environment are (or are not) aligned with what I observe here

Recommended process:
a. Teachers meet before observation to agree on objectives of observation, review lessons or activities and review norms, such as: length and best time of day to visit, level of observer interaction with children, preferred location for observer to stand/sit in classroom
b. Observation takes place
c. Teachers meet after observation to share reflections about the observation

I encourage everyone to make best practice visit. This is a high impact strategy that also addresses one of the Teacher Observation Standards about researching teaching strategies. I also encourage everyone to ask for an instructional coach to make the visit with them. Taking a second set of eyes with you as you visit and being able to debrief with a person after the visit help the with the cognitive process of unraveling and understanding the visit.

This is a great strategy we can use to help each other get better.


Monday Feb 9

  • Faculty Meeting

Tuesday Feb 10

  • Pine Forest District Walk Thru – College Lakes Elementary
  • Bronco Girls Basketball vs Max Abbott MS at Home [Strength Game]

Wednesday Feb 11

  • Curriculum Planning – 7th Grade Math Teachers w/ Yimiya Pearson
  • Bronco Wrestling vs Gray’s Creek MS at Home [Strength Game]

Thursday Feb 12

  • Bronco Girls Basketball vs Gray’s Creek MS at Home [Strength Game]

Friday Feb 13

  • Grades Due