Kudos to:

You all! Thanks for a great BroncoTime! I really appreciate all the effort you all put in to make this small group intervention impactful. This is our time to address some skills gaps our kids may have in these sessions. If we plan and execute carefully, we can really make a difference here for some students who are missing a step or two in critical areas.







7th Grade! for hosting a great 3-on-3 basketball tourney! Good to see the competition and smiling faces all around!

PBIS Team! for their first round of recognitions! It was good to be able to positively speak of some great things students are doing [even if they don’t always make the best choices]. Too often, we spend time planning for and managing the choices of students who don’t always look for positive solutions or alternatives. Please take time to use the BroncoBucks we were given recognize the VAST majority of kids who are doing what they do!

Thanks again to Ms Willingham, Mr Williams and the PBIS team for making this happen.

Student Success – 8th Grade Math! Wanted to share this data board from Ms Sam’s room! Its a creative way to not only show the hard work students engaging in but also to celebrate the hard work and achievement. I invite everyone to take 5 minutes during their planning period to stop in and see the creativity! This is a creative way to also satisfy the data board requirement for your room.

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Remember, next week we are testing! We will be using next week as a trial run for our EOG testing in May. This is always a good chance for us to get one last look at the skills gaps our kids may have so we can make preparations in addressing concerns AND we can take a look at our testing plan to see if there are any holes in our plan.

This is a screenshot of the plan but it isn’t very clear. Please find the email sent by Ms Brown earlier this week for a good copy. Make sure that you know where you need to go AHEAD of time.

One thing I noticed during BroncoTime is that some of us waited until it was time to change to look for details. Please read over this over the weekend and Monday. Tuesday is too late to get your questions answered.




New Inspiration

For this week’s inspiration, I’m pulling in a familiar face, GradeCam! I recently filled in for a 7th math class and part of the BroncoTime activities involved using GradeCam to provide multiple looks at small chunks of the students’ work. Grade cam was great, logical choice. Many of us have seen GradeCam and know how it works. I wanted to write about a great feature I didn’t know about – the GradeCam Smartphone app! Thanks to Ms Crumpler, she showed me how to run the activity from my phone. Not only did it work great, but I didn’t need my laptop or the teacher’s laptop to get it functional.

Lots of teachers are using GradeCam now with great success – Mr Fulmore, Ms Sams, Ms Lee! If you want to see some examples, you can look at champions in this building and how they are incorporating it into practice. I know the video was made before the app came out but I encourage everyone to check it out and use it in your class to get a good look at how kids are doing, what they know/don’t know and what we need to do to help reach them.


Monday March 23

  • Regular School Schedule
  • Department Meetings
  • Baseball/Softball at Home against Albritton
  • Orchestra Concert 6:00 – 7:00 pm

Tuesday March 24

  • Testing Schedule – See plan
  • Track Meet at Pine Forest High School

Wednesday March 25

  • Testing Schedule
  • Music in Our Schools Program – 2:30
  • Soccer @ Home against New Century MS

Thursday March 26

  • 8th Science Testing, 6th/7th Regular Schedule
  • Baseball/Softball @ New Century MS

Saturday March 28

  • Athletic Department Yard Sale
  • 7th Grade Car Wash