Great anchor chart in Ms Sam’s room! Simple but powerful because students HAVE to know and refer to this info! Its appealing and accessible in the room.




  • Happy birthday Ms. McMillan

GradeCam at SLMS!

We have been approached by a GradeCam representative to start a 60-day free trial! This is going to come with some new features that will help us out in the classroom! Sams has already led a talk about this before, if you are in need of a refresher, please see her, an instructional coach and we will arrange for another talk. You can also visit some of our teachers who use it with great success – Sams, Brunner, Mack, Lee. We have some tremendous experts in the building and can use this to help get to students understanding [and misunderstanding.]

Last month of school

Life doesn’t stop for teachers or for a particular time of year. We have to keep high expectations for students and student behavior:

  • Minimize time in hallways, during class transition and class breaks
  • Keep high standards for on task behavior in the room. Get them attentive to task in room, be respectful to teacher and each other and follow class/school rules

KUDOS – Congrats to Our Spanish Quiz Bowl Team!

With little practice but great coaching, our team received 2nd place n our Division and 3rd in the county! Great success for our students and fabulous coach! When you see them, congratulate them on the awesome feat!

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KUDOS – Great job with Poetry Slam!

Kudos to Ms Hayden and Ms Darden for the work they put in to make this student showcase a great demonstation of what our kids can do we we set a VERY high bar! We need more events like this where our students have the opportunity to showcase their learning and abilities. This was also a great incentive for the students – if you want to see different behaviors from your kids in class, create different opportunities for them outside of class and hold them accountable while supporting them! Thanks 7th ELA for this great event!

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A New Season

I’ve had a chance to talk to everyone by now about my leaving Spring Lake MS at the end of June. This was a hard to decision to make but ultimately, as I was sharing with Ms Vaughn, its about family. You all are a tremendous school family. This was the first school where I’ve been in that proclaimed ‘We are a family!’ proudly and emphatically. With the challenges our students and families bring the only way we can successfully support and teach kids is to draw strength from one another – like a true school family should.

It has been an humbling pleasure to come to work everyday and have conversations with each of you, getting to know you, your families and what goes on with you. It is with pride that I say that I’ve been the principal of Spring Lake Middle these years and have had our great unique experiences [never had a school shut down midday from a city water main break ;)]. It is with joy that I look back on the changes we’ve made in our school towards improving learning and teaching – I think we can look back and say that we have made a difference with the implementations in our classrooms.

But ultimately, its with esteemed pleasure that I say I’ve been the SLMS principal to great kids and the best staff in world. My sincere hope is that we stay in touch and keep active in each other’s live [some of you all purposefully don’t follow me on Facebook because we work together – come July 1, I expect 45 new friends!]

I appreciate you all for what you do and what you put into this school, I thank you for all you will do for SLMS and I love you all for who you are.

‘Once a Bronco..,’


Showcase – BYOD and Mobile Learning! I visited Mr Butts room last week and had a fantastic time watching the engagement level and students working! You can see a couple of things here: evidence of planning, students working towards specific and observable outcome, work tied to objectives and the tech integration. Not only did Mr Butts have the grade level Chromebooks in the room, he was also letting them listen to their own devices or even work from their devices. That’s what our learning environment needs to be about – personalizing to make it comfortable and engaging for them. Careful planning and monitoring makes this all possible!

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Monday May 18

  • Faculty Meeting with Dr. Till [Principal Selection]

Tuesday May 19

Wednesday March 20

  • EOG Pep Rally

Thursday March 21

  • Science EOG and Final Exams – School wide testing schedule
  • 8th Grade Send Off Dance

Friday March 22

  • EVAAS Roster Verification Due
  • Science Make up Exams